Childrens Class

Children & Aikido

Skills for life,

Bayside Shudokan Aikido offers children the opportunity to train Aikido in a safe, nurturing and fun environment. As well as increasing fitness and co-ordination, training Aikido helps children develop and practice a wide range of transferable skills. Skills your child can take outside into their every day lives.

Because Aikido is trained in a communal sprit of cooperation, social and self-management skills such as; confidence, discipline, focus, conflict resolution, resilience, respect, teamwork, leadership and communication skills are developed through our children’s program. These are not skills children are born with or can learn in an academic sense by simply reading or talking about them. They must be experienced. Our children’s martial art program provides an opportunity to learn about and practice these skills in a practical setting through Aikido training, under the watchful and supportive eye of our dedicated instructors. The physical exercises, games and martial techniques children are exposed to during training are all underpinned by a strong emphasis on etiquette and respect for themselves and others.

Our programs are designed not only to be a fun co-curricular activity, but more importantly, a means by which children may develop essential skills that will be with them for life, helping them grow and develop as people of character, confidence, empathy and strength.